What is Luxury ?

The luxury industry is idiosyncratic. Luxury is more than the material offering (even if the offering is a service).


Luxury is a differentiated offering that delivers symbolic and experiential value besides functionality.At times, ironically, offering symbolic and experiential value requires luxury brands to not offer “impeccable quality”. In luxury, passion and dreaming are as important as functionality.


With time I have learned that to achieve excellence in luxury experience, a similar approach applies: Brands must go beyond what traditional branding frameworks recommend to create luxury experience.

With The Seses

It comes down to a human-centered design approach.

Consider the shape of a space, the color of a wall, the light from a window, the comfort of a textile, the sound of a floor. Each of these moments are key opportunities to think about the sensory signals of a space and what experience you want people to have.

 This will influence what materials you use within the workplace to create meaning and mood—the foundation for elements like brand, culture, value.

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